Why MGR?

At MGR, we:

MGR has strong, proven performance in strategy and management, IT systems and cloud integration, engineering and construction management, and workforce augmentation.  We manage complex transformations by efficiently translating strategy into action.

At MGR, we design, develop, and operationalize innovative technology and management solutions as a partnership – bringing our clients onto the execution team as a stakeholder. Our cost-effective solutions successfully leverage domain knowledge, emerging technologies, and analytical innovation to help our clients achieve high performance.

Sample Past Performances

NexGen Systems Corporation – Computer System Analysis and Support

Provided comprehensive computer system analysis and support. Consulted leadership to determine the role of IT systems and to research emerging technologies to assess whether installing them could increase the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. Prepared an analysis of costs and benefits to help management decide whether IT systems and computing infrastructure upgrades were financially worthwhile. Devised a strategy to add new functionality to existing computer systems and support implementation of a new system. Conducted testing to ensure that the systems worked as expected, trained users, and completed instruction manuals.

Department of Energy – Logistical and Program Management Support

Provided general coordination, administrative, and logistical support to the Office of Management and Field Operations in support of various projects and programs. Provided administrative and management support to the Office of Fossil Energy, including program management support, budget analysis, technology assessment, and program monitoring and evaluation of programs in oil and gas, coal, gasification, and other areas related to national energy policies.

Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) – Program Administration

Provided support to DOEto organize and administer a congressionally mandated internship program for minority students at various DOE laboratories and other facilities. Assisted with curriculum development, selection criteria, and candidate recruitment and identified potential sites for internship training. Administered the program and organized and conducted a conference at the end of the program where the interns presented reports on their experience and knowledge learned.